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 pets slot gamePets slot, by its title, instantly suggests it's going to have a childish Fluffy Favourites sort of theme and that has proven to be correct when you open up the game. Dreadful happy-clappy jazz music greets us with infantile 'boing-boing' sounds as the reels stop and it's hardly worth describing the juvenile graphics, other than to say a toddler would probably find these inane after a few minutes of watching. Not a great start then, but it's all about playability and potential with slots, so will these pets prove positive or simply poop for our balance?

On the reels...

Well, Sharknado this certainly isn't and if you were looking for more refined graphics like IGT's Cats has, forget it! We see 40 paying lines over 5 reels of 3 rows each with all icons including the Wilds stacked. The pays aren't huge, with the best 5-of-a-kind being the Wild at 2500 coins which is 62.5x your 40-coin stake. The Kitten pays 1500, Bunny 1000, Bulldog 800, Cat 500 and what looks like a Purple Gerbil 200 coins. The remaining icons are Goldfish at 125, Puppy, Tortoise and Chick all at 75 coins for the full line.

There is a random in-play feature where occasionally the Alley Cat in the dustbin on the left throws Wilds out after any spin, 1 to all 20 positions on the grid. If it did all 20 then you would get 2500x bet so at least the game has something to excite us, because the features certainly won't!

Hamster bonus wheel

If you see 3 or more bonus scatters in the form of 2-row high piles of pet treats then you get the 'Hamster Wheel'. These scatters must be fully in view with both rows on the grid. The Hamster spins the wheel and you get a cash value of up to 80x bet or one of two free spins games:

Wild Cat spins - you will get 3 free games with the cat walking along the reels, and each reel from 1 to all 5 that he claws turns Wild and yes, it'll usually be one or if two then uselessly up the end on reels 3 to 5.

Feline Frenzy - get 7 free spins with a sticky Wild added on each one, thus having 7 in place by the final spin, naturally in mainly useless positions at the end.

Our View...

Pets slot is pretty dreadful, right down to the diabolical 93.14% RTP you endure alongside the loathsome music and sounds, that's if the simply awful graphics haven't made you look away already. Then we get the curse of all slots, the dreaded bonus trigger where the free games aren't guaranteed unless you manage to avoid the derisory cash amounts although in this case these often pay more than the result of the two free spins features. I cannot think of anything that would ever make me play this slot again; it's one I will happily see buried out of sight in the litter tray...

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