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Piggy Bank Bills slot review

piggy bank bills slot gamePiggy Bank Bills slot by Pragmatic Play looks very new with a banknotes theme, for some reason with daft cartoon pigs where the queen or president's head would go. I have seen this mechanic once before, years ago but cannot recall on which game, but it's all about matching halves of banknotes while the colourful mess on the reels spins and assails you with jaunty inane cartoon music. Surprisingly, banknotes don't often appear on slots as do coins. You have wads of them on Break da Bank Again for example, single bills on Incredible Technologies' old Crazy Money slot and Novomatic's awful One Hundred to One slot. Anyway, can we bank some bills here or will it prove to be a pig of a game?

On the reels...
You have 6 reels here of 3 rows each but no pay lines on
Piggy Bank Bills slot! That's because each reel has half-notes on it and all you need to do is match the facing halves together to make a full note anywhere on the screen. These have fixed values of 0.25x, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100x stake. You can get Wilds which can appear in any of the 18 positions on the reels and will naturally complete and award the note they fall by. It's possible to get more than one note completed each spin. Free Spin Scatters appear and again these need to match up facing each other to complete the trigger. There are random modifiers which begin with slowed reels and either 1-3 positions will be filled to complete that amount of notes or the free spins will trigger.

Free Games
You get 8 regardless of how many triggering scatter notes you make up. You cannot retrigger or get extra spins. What does happen though is you get a 1000x note added and some half notes can be overlaid with 2 or 3x multipliers which apply to the note amount if you complete it, multiplying each other if on both halves of the note. At 2-spin intervals the lowest-value note halves are removed one at a time, 0.25x, then 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0x during the round. If you trigger with more than one scatter note though, you get the low amounts removed before you start, the 0.25x for 2 scatters and 0.5x too for triggering with 3. You would then remove the 2x note after the 4th. spin but no further removals of higher ones can occur. You are limited to 5,000x in the round.

Our View...
Piggy Bank Bills slot has a RTP of 96.52% and is colourful. Trouble is, it's too full-on in regard to your eyes and ears and you'd be very lucky to see over 100x in the base game. The free games are hard to trigger and over very quickly with a poor total guaranteed unless you hit 100x note with a multiplier or 1000x (almost impossible.) It's just a boring mish-mash of colour and noise and you'll likely bank nothing from these piggies even if you can tolerate them long enough...

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