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Cash Elevator slot review

cash elevator slot gameCash Elevator slot by Reel Kingdom is surprisingly themed on Otis's old invention, the lift or elevator if you're in the US. It's a pretty old elevator here with ornate gates and floor meter present behind the reels, simple sounds as they stop with a reassuring bell as you rise up the floors. This game reflects the spirit of the 1920's like Elk's Grand Galore slot or Play'n Go's The Paying Piano Club slot, but you cannot discount Yggdrasil's Jackpot Express slot although none of these feature lifts. So can we elevate our bankroll here or will our cash fall down to basement level?

On the reels...

There are 20 pay lines here and symbols can appear stacked on the 5 reels of 3 rows that Cash Elevator slot has. Pays for 5-of-a-kinds are Game Logo 50x stake, cat 30x, Watch 25x, Phone, Key, Car or Trunks 5x with six card values paying either 3 or 2.5x for a full line. You have stacked Wilds on reels 2 and 4 in the form of a Lady or Male Dead Lover which are more important than being mere wilds as we will see. You have an in-play Elevator feature too.

Cash Elevator

You start in the basement and there are 13 floors. Each time you rise by a floor via the UP arrow a symbol is eliminated from the reels, starting with the lowest 9 symbol. You can also rise one floor by getting a win with the lowest symbol on the reels. The UP arrow landing can raise you 1,2,3, or 12 levels, the DOWN arrow 1,2 or 3. If you reach the basement, don't worry as you will get elevated by a random amount of floors and reaching the top level 13 triggers the first bonus.

Hold and Spin Bonus

Reach floor 13 and get a series of re-spins which start at 4 and reset when you add a winning symbol. You will start at a random floor level which determines the values of the first symbol, the Banknote. The other symbols are Coins with cash values and 2,3,5 or 10x Multiplier symbols which are multiplicative if more than one appears. You start the round with 3 to 11 winning symbols already placed on the 5x3 grid. When it's all over, your game returns you to a random floor between 1 and 12.

Free Games

These are triggered by any of the full-reel stacked Wilds on 2 or 4. You get 6 to 12 for one full Dead Lover Wild and 12-24 if both land. You begin with those stacked Wilds on reels 1 and 5 and if you get a win of the lowest symbol applicable to the floor you are on when you trigger them, they move towards each other so are on 2 and 4. Win again with the lowest symbol, they then join together on reel 3 and award +5 spins. Next applicable win moves them out to 2 and 4, then 1 and 5 and so-on. There's no limit to the extra spins which can be won and when over, you return back to the floor you triggered them on.

Our View on Cash Elevator...

Cash Elevator slot has a 96.64% RTP and is very easy on the eyes and ears with gentle sounds and nice symbols and animations. It's hard to get to the top level but some nice wins can be had when you're about half way due to removal of the card values. The free games are easier to trigger and with the sticky Wild reels can be fun to watch although you need the +5 to really get a good return. The Cash Elevator has more potential and we are told the maximum pay here is capped at 20,000x bet for either feature. You do get the obvious frustration when nearing the top floor only to land a DOWN arrow on the reels, but overall I like the idea and the visuals here. This elevator may just give you the lift you need from your play...

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