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Magnetz slot review

magnetz slot gameMagnetz slot by Relax Gaming has taken on the preference of late for large screen areas and tiles with a totally new mechanic. The symbols are pretty basic, as is the gentle synth music and sound effects as the tiles stop moving but it still looks very interesting. Yggdrasil's Avatars slot has also tried something unusual although was not particularly well thought of after release, but their Poprocks game fared much better as has Relax Gaming's own Money Train 2, so it shows innovation isn't always risky for developers. So will these Magnetz be repelling or attracting those wins for our bankroll?

On The Reels...

You have 4 quadrants of tiles with 4x3 tiles, so 12 per quadrant on Magnetz slot. In between each pair of quadrants there are 2 magnets which spin every play and are 4 rows high the same as the quadrant height. You need clusters of 5+ adjacent symbols in one or more quadrants to win. The pays for the 6 symbols for maximum of 20+ and lowest of 5 are 200/1x bet for Red Stars, 100/1x Pink Hexagons, Orange Diamonds 70/1x, Green Triangles, Purple Crescent Moons or Blue Circles 15/1x. You can get Wild tiles which can offer 1,2,3,4 or 5x Multipliers and there are letter scatters which appear randomly. Firstly, we need to know how those Magnets work!

Magnetz Modifiers

When a cluster of 5 or more symbols matches the symbol on the magnet for that quadrant, you get the Flux Re-spin and these spins continue as long as new matching symbols land, or another cluster in another quadrant matches that particular magnet or any of the 5 bonus letters land.
If 2 magnets match adjacently either on the top or bottom two quadrants or both the left or right quadrants, then you get those quadrants merging to allow the bigger clusters of over 12 symbols, this modifier called the Magnetic Merge.

Free Games

Between the bottom and top two quadrants you will notice the dull BONUS letters. You need to collect all 5 letters in one play to light this up and get the 5 spins. These spins are then played on two halves left and right with 9x3 patterns for the chance of bigger wins, and you also see more Wilds which is good as they multiply each other! There are no retriggers or extra spins though.

Our View...

Magnetz slot has a RTP of 96.66% but quite a low win frequency in the base game where it's hard to get good wins as these seem to be reserved for the bonus which isn't easy to trigger either. As a spectacle the slot is good to watch although the colours are a little dull and the sounds a tad repetitive. Get a good bonus though and your opinion would probably change but as said, you'd need a decent cluster with 2 or 3 Wilds and thus a big multiplier. I don't think these magnets have enough pull to draw my money in again...

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