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Money Cart 2 slot review

money cart 2 slot gameMoney Cart 2 slot by Relax Gaming is best compared to, well let's say if a tree is a normal slot, this is the stump! You must see the review of Money Train 2 slot by the same developer to appreciate fully what's going on here. You have the grid over a train cart as with the above example, the same western upbeat music intermingled with gunshots and (some) of the same symbols! So can we pile a bit of this money onto our bankroll here or will it be carted off into the sunset?

On the reels...
Well, ahem! there technically aren't any reels on Money Cart 2 slot as Relax Gaming have removed them, along with all the symbols that were once on them with the exception of the bonus stake multipliers and enhancement tiles. So you pay 10-coins to play and see a grid of 20 individually spinning tiles of only blanks, bonus symbols and modifier characters of which any 3 will award the bonus.

Bonus Reels
All the 3+ bonus tiles will reveal coin values and any enhancement tiles in the triggering game will activate. You have a re-spins system whereby you get 3 lives which reset every time a new modifier or coin symbol lands. Coin symbols pay 1-20 coins bronze or 20-100 coins gold. This differs from the Money Train 2 cash symbols as they were multipliers-times-stake whereas here they are simply coins, so you need to count 10 across the values just to get a mere 1x bet! Fill a column with 4 symbols and it adds an extra column, twice at the most so 28 positions is the biggest grid available. You need modifier tiles to actually win anything and they are:
Payer - reveals a value and adds it to every other symbol in view.
Collector - reveals a value and then adds all the other values in view to itself.
Collector/Payer - reveals a value, adds up all other values to itself and then adds this to all the other values in view.
Sniper - reveals a value then fires at 3-8 other symbols doubling them and can hit the same symbol more than once.
Necromancer - reveals a value then brings 2-7 non-persistent modifiers back to life.
Reset Plus - reveals a value and then adds +1 to your re-spin chances which began at 3.
Persistent Payer - reveals a value and adds it to all other symbols every remaining spin.
Persistent Sniper - reveals a value and doubles the value of 3-8 other symbols and then every spin thereafter.
Persistent Collector - reveals a value then collects all other values adding them to itself and every spin thereafter.
If you fill the grid the round ends and awards 50x stake bonus. Otherwise it ends after 3+ successive spins with no added symbols. You are capped at 50,000 coins or in other words 5,000x bet here, 10% of the potential Money Train 2 has.

Our View...
Money Cart 2 slot has a 98.00% RTP and is simply a lower-volatility bonus-only version of Money Train 2 to somehow bypass the bonus buy rules. It's incredibly dull and boring to play, with the player needing to put it on fast play, bang away until 3 symbols land and then 'enjoy' a bonus round that usually has a pathetic pay out. Due to the high RTP you won't be allowed to use bonus funds to play it, you won't get hits like you do on MT2 and you'll have no fun. I say get out of town fast...

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