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Fruit Warp slot review

fruit warp slot gameFruit Warp slot is yet another novel and very distinctive game created by Thunderkick. Just like their Babushkas and Flame Busters games has it's own special appearance. The theme is simple as the name suggests and all centred around fruits of various kinds but the mechanics and look have made this a hugely popular and sought after game since its inception, as we will soon discover. Will these fruits prove to be sweet or sour for our bankroll though?

On the screen...

We don't get conventional reels but the game projects 9 fruits onto our grid for each game played. You pay 10 coins per play and wins are paid for any 3-of-a-kind or better. The best are Pittayas paying 1x bet or 10 coins for the 3 (you can get more, up to 9 and that would be 216x bet but realistically 4 or 5 is the most you'll see of any as we will find out!) Next Kiwanos pay 5 coins, Carambolas or Grapes 4 coins, Bananas, Strawberries or Oranges 2 coins and finally cherries or Plums 1 coin.

There are no Wilds or scatters and the most spins pay less than your bet aside from the frequent 3x3 screens whereby 3 lots of 3 fruits appear so you get three wins, but even this can be less too if the low fruits turn up. Fruit Warp's RTP is heavily centred around the weird but highly addictive bonus spins - so read on!

Warp bonus

You need 5 identical fruits to trigger the Fruit Warp bonus. These may come straight in or you may get 4 and then a second chance - all the other other 5 losing fruits will disappear and then reappear on at a time, hopefully revealing one of your required fruit. When you achieve this, the screen background changes to the colour of the triggering fruit and this will appear on the left of a progress bar along with the 5-of-a-kind pay it gave.

You get re-spins until a spin occurs where none of your triggering fruit arrive. The progress bar will have a multiplier at the right end and another one in the middle and possibly a Heart (extra Life) between the first two or second two multipliers. Any occurrences of your fruit will advance you one position along the bar and you will hopefully hit the 'safety zone' of a banked multiplier or the Extra Life if Heart has been added randomly before the re-spins start.

Your cash amount on the left which your progressive multiplier applies to only increases when 3 or more of your fruit appear on any one re-spin and the terminal multiplier on the right increases by 3x only when a 3-of-a-kind of a different fruit comes in. Your objective is to have your fruit turning up at least once each re-spin and thus getting you the final and highest multiplier on the right. If you do this then your accumulated cash for the fruit you triggered with is then multiplied by the terminal multiplier. If you don't get that far, then a far lower multiplier you banked on the way will apply.

Our View...

Fruit Warp slot is a hugely addictive and entertaining game and is as a result very popular. We also get a very high 97.00% RTP and thus it is frequently barred from wagering contributions if you take a casino bonus, so always read the bonus terms! The Warp re-spins are great fun and you can hit some quite big returns of hundreds time your bet when you get to the final multiplier which can be over 30x and have also accumulated more wins consisting of the triggering fruit along the way. The feature is quite frequent too, but the game is also very 'streaky' so bear that in mind along with the fact most features pay in the 10-50x range. I recommend you get over to your nearest Thunderkick casino at Warp speed to try this one out...

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