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10x Rewind slot review

10x Rewind slot is an innovative new mechanic from 4ThePlayer, released via the Yggdrasil platform. As you may know already, this developer tends to prefix slot games with numbers. Previously we have seen some good ones including their first of note, 9k Yeti slot and if not wanting the icy theme we can move to warmer waters where 6 Wild Sharks were waiting and then to the safety of a ship with 1-2-3 Boom slot. There is actually no specific theme here as we have 10 in one place! There is a color-changing light show for the background, techno music to spin to and while some symbols are neon, they are overlaid with various pictures. There are Viking long ships, pyramids, astronauts, dinosaurs, and cars amongst others so a real mish-mash here. So can we rewind and retrieve any losses to our bankroll here or will it be 10 times harder to make some cash than usual?

On the reels...

You have 4096-ways on a 10x rewind slot so 6 reels of 4 rows and stacked symbols. Single Heroine Wilds appear on all reels which for 6-of-a-kind would pay the 6x top awards which apply to either the moon Landing or Cowboys scenes. After this, Gladiator or Medieval Jousting scene for 4x bet and six card values of 2.5, 2, or 1.5x bet for each full way. You don't have random modifiers but get Planet Win Spins scatters on reels 1, 3, and 6.

Rewind Win Spins

If landing those 3 scatters, you are taken to a choice screen of those 3. It will reveal 5, 7, or 10 Win Spins. This is where the rewind comes in! You will be awarded at least your last 5 winning spins but naturally, there's more to it than just that. You also get re-spins on occasion which do deduct from your remaining win spins and had no base game hit but had 1 or 2 scatters that landed. These will now award cash values of 1x or greater, extra win spins, or add a 1-3x multiplier to your starting 1x. The multiplier only increases for the remainder of the round although it's not guaranteed you'll get any. If you do, hope that the rewind of time works in your favor and that you had a large base game hit just before that, as it will be multiplied! You even see a clock going backward which reflects the exact previous time in your session you actually hit those rewound wins.
A couple of points of note - if you hadn't been playing long enough to accrue 5-10 winning spins the game will randomly choose win amounts from the RNG. Secondly, if triggering features close together, the sum return of the first feature does not count as a single winning spin! The win cap is 20,000x bet here and it's rated by 4ThePlayer as volatile.

Our View...

10x Rewind slot proves once again that 4ThePlayer are nailing the new mechanics whereas other developers always rehash theirs. You get a good 96.47% RTP here which cannot be offered lower, with great sounds and graphics, and superb animations. The mixture of 9 or 10 themes is quite novel yet doesn't make the game messy at all and those stacked symbols make for some good base game hits too. The bonus appears on average once per 175 spins as this developer likes to tell the player many stats in its help files.
The volatility is lumpy though and you'll be waiting for a feature trigger landing just after a string of good base game hits and then hoping for a rewind to some 2-scatter screens for those multipliers. Don't despair though if you trigger it after a poor base game run as you can land lots of extra spins and multipliers and still hit good totals here. 10x Rewind slot is a novel idea and truly takes us into a new dimension for slotting due to the timing of the Win Spins trigger and the anticipation thereof. You cannot rewind your life, alas, but here at least you may be able to re-live some good slotting moments...

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