Cyberslot Megaclusters slot

Cyberslot Megaclusters slot review

cyberslot megaclusters slot gameCyberslot Megaclusters slot is Big Time Gaming's second Megaclusters game after Star Clusters and it's fair to say we've moved on from that rather plain and frustrating edition. We have a futuristic purple background, better music and brighter symbols than before, so all good there. Coming behind Slot Vegas Megaquads and the game after that, Chocolates slot, Cyberslot Megaclusters has a bit to live up to it must be said. So can we get some mega money for our bankroll here or will it be bust on a cyber scale?

On the grid...

We get an initial grid of 3x3 large tiles on Cyberslot Megaclusters slot, but we have a wandering Wild always present which moves to one of the 9 main positions after each win, always staying the same size. It will also increase in multiplier by 1x each time it's used in a win. You will also get one square per spin already split into 9 smaller tiles as would usually happen to the initial large tiles after being used up in a win. Other than this there are 7 different symbols all needing 5 or more adjacent to pay. The high and low pays for each (25+ or basic 5 symbols) are Purple 25x bet/0.4x, Red or Blue 25/0.3x, Green or Orange 20/0.2x and finally Yellow or Turquoise 10/0.15x.

Free Games

You need to fill the meter of 6 squares on the right of the reels to trigger free games. This isn't easy as it requires 2 wins for each, or in other words 12 winning actions to trigger them! Obviously this is helped by the sticky wandering Wild and the nature of the trigger means it's likely you'll have a decent win accrued by the time you trigger, along with a decent multiplier which is carried over. When the wandering Wild reaches 10x, you get a retrigger with 2 extra spins and this can often occur on the triggering spin. Whichever, once you get a retrigger another wandering Wild is introduced to the grid, in the form of a Rainbow which also has an increasing multiplier of 1x per use. This won't retrigger the spins though when it reaches 10x, unlike the standard Gold wandering Wild.
The bonus begins with an initial 9x9 grid or 81 tiles, with the Wilds staying that size always. Each winning non-Wild tile splits into 2x2 smaller tiles therefore the grid could get to 18x18 or 324 tiles at biggest. Unlike Star Clusters, wins tend to occur more often here due to the sticky Wilds which move after every winning action to different positions. They multiply each other so some massive wins are possible!

Our View...

Cyberslot Megaclusters is a big improvement on the rather plain and tedious Star Clusters game, even if the 96.36% RTP is fractionally lower. The colours, music and animations are far superior and due to the floating Wild it's no longer possible to write any secondary action off knowing it wouldn't win, as was the annoying trait of the original game. It will frustrate on those occasions you get all the way to 11 actions and don't hit the twelfth to trigger the bonus but at least then you will have a decent win to collect. The free games are far more involving and exciting to watch now with their more volatile mechanic but can pay some huge multipliers and build up a big total. You'll seldom see a poor return here. This is one game it's well worth entering cyberspace to play...

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