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Spandau Ballet's Gold Slot“Gold! Always believe in your soooooul! You’ve got the power to know! You’re indestructible! Always belieeeeeeevin’! You are gold!”

Arguably, some of the most distinctive and recognizable lyrics from the 1980s music scene and one of the most catchy choruses, this Spandau Ballet hit from 1983 has finally spawned a slot game based on the smash hit called Gold.

On the reels...

Gold slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot and, yes, Spandau Ballet fans will be pleased to hear that as those reels are spinning, the iconic song can be heard playing in the background. This is pretty cool when you first start playing but it does grind after a very short time.
The structure of this slot from online casino slot developer Big Time Gaming is very standard with a free spins bonus round, Scatters and Wild symbols to keep the slot action entertaining. The general theme of the slot is 1980s bling so this will take you back if you’re a 1980s wild child.

The Wild symbol is represented by a Gold Briefcase. If you manage to hit five of these across the reels then you will trigger the 100,000 coin jackpot. That’s something that’s worth tolerating the 150th spin of “Gold” for! It also doubles the pay out for any winning combinations it completes.

Gold Free Spins

The free spins bonus round is triggered if you hit three or more Gold Disc Scatter symbols across the reels. This will see you rewarded with 15 free spins and a 3x multiplier initially. However, there is the chance to re-trigger the free spins and you can win up to 180 free spins which gives you great potential to build up your rewards.

Our View...

There are a range of other slots based on icons in the music industry including the rock ‘n’ roll Kiss slot from WMS Gaming and the popular Guns 'N' Roses slot from NetEnt. Does Gold slot rival those slots for entertainment? Maybe it’s the fact that I now can’t stand “Gold” after hearing it so many bloody times but I feel it just lacks that something extra that the other slots possess. If you’re a Spandau Ballet fan then go nuts, you will love this slot. If you didn’t like Spandau Ballet and the New Romantics movement of the 1980s then you’re probably on a hiding to nothing because there’s nothing revolutionary about the game play.

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