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Golden Catch Megaways slot review

Golden Catch Megaways slot by Big Time Gaming is like their last release, Apollo Pays Megaways, in that it brings a slightly new mechanic to the genre. It has scrolling elements which tip their hat to Holy Diver Megaways slot and we have a free spins mechanic with elements of Extra Chilli. The theme is fishing so we get a picturesque coastal village and sea as the backdrop and boat sounds to go with the frantic Bonanza-style music. So can we haul in some profits for our bankroll here or will it be a case of over-fished waters for us?

On the reels of Golden Catch Megaways slot...

You begin with 6 reels of 2-7 rows each so 64-117649 ways here on Golden Catch Megaways slot. Symbols can appear stacked and the Purple Fish is the top 6-of-a-kind at 50x bet, then Red at 2x, Blue 0.8x, Green 0.6x with six card values of 0.5 down to 0.25x. You can get Gold Coin scatters on all reels and Anchor Wilds singly on reels 2-5.

Trawlers bring in the Golden Catch

Your modifier is the random appearance of Trawlers above reels 2-5. These will offer up a multiplier of 1-5x with a special gold 10x one also possible. Now whenever you get a win after the winning symbols are removed, one to all the vacated positions will show up Fish briefly with specific values according to how many rows are on the reel. So the Fish can be worth up to 1x bet for a 6-7 row reel, up to 3x for a 4-5 row reel, and up to 500x for a 2-3 row reel. If there's no Trawler present, these values mean nothing and new tiles quickly replace them in a tumble. If there is, each Trawler collects the total Fish value to add to your reel win, applying any multiplier present before the tumble continues. The Trawlers can appear at any time for example not initially but after the first tumble and they work individually, not multiplying each other. You can get 1-4 of them and they might simply zoom away off the left, or move just one reel to the left, maybe joined by another.

Golden Catch Megaways free spins

You need 3 Gold Coins for 10 spins, with +2 for each one over. In the bonus, 3 Coins add +4 spins with +2 for each one over. You don't get the Gold 10x Trawlers now but the first one to appear starts at 1x, the next 2x, and so on. There's no limit and you tend to see more of them than in the base game. You also tend to see a high average amount of ways during the free games, probably because the bigger the rows, the less the average fish values! The big values require winning tiles on 2 or 3 row reels and these are less likely to be involved in wins. That said, with a decent multiplier on any Trawlers and a big reel setup, you can get many smaller values to add up to a decent win. If you get the top-value 500x Fish caught later in the bonus on a high multiplier, that's thousands-times-stake. In some jurisdictions, the feature can be bought for a 100x bet and you get the BTG gamble segmented wheel for wins between 25 and 100x which can be gambled for a feature entry, if over 100x you can buy it even in the UK for 100x of that win and bank the remainder.

Our View of Golden Catch Megaways slot...

Golden Catch Megaways slot has a 96.53% RTP whether you buy the feature or not. It is highly playable for the base game alone, quirky fun. The free spins may take a while to land but the win gamble for the feature can reduce the gaps between bonuses landing. These are fun to watch, usually with plenty of action and really bad ones are rare, but then again so is landing the big-value fish and getting a huge return. If you give Golden Catch a trawl, you may be surprised at what you can get here...

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