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Millionaires Club slot review

Millionaires club slotThere are few slot games that are quite as simple as the progressive jackpot slot, Millionaires Club. This 5-reel, 9-payline slot is designed to represent all that you might expect from a millionaires lifestyle, so there are sports cars, private jets, mansions and a lot of diamond jewellery.

The artwork on the reels does look a little dated, but you know exactly what you are getting from this game.

This is a slot that does not try to pretend to be something it is not. This is a slot that is all about the riches of life and excess and if you can't handle that then move on!

The Jackpot is a Millionaire Maker

The big draw with Millionaires Club is the enticing jackpot that sits in the top left hand corner of the game.

In the past it has reached figures topping $1.8 million and the game regularly exceeds this amount. You do have the faintest of chances of winning this in the bonus round, but chances are you will probably come away with a much smaller cash prize instead.

Spin the Wheels to Reveal Your Fortune

To trigger the bonus you need to land the Millionaires Club symbol on Reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time.

You are then transported to a new screen where there are three big wheels of diminishing size. You spin the first wheel and will either get a range of cash wins or an arrow to proceed. If you get the arrow then you will move onto the next wheel and so on. In the middle is the jackpot, which seems incredibly close, but experience has told me that it is very very far away in reality.

The bonus stops if you get one of the blanks, which appear as the numbers start to disappear. If this wasn’t very clear then I recommend watching the video under the tab ‘Video’, which will reveal all.

Our View...

If you are a jackpot hunter then Millionaires Club is probably going to have some appeal to you, especially when it gets into the millions.

However, as far as slots go there are plenty out there that are much more entertaining. This for me is probably as dull as playing the slot Just Vegas or the Crazy Jackpots Cleo Queen of Egypt, which are also from Cryptologic.

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