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Ivan and The Immortal King slot review

ivan and the immortal king slot gameIvan and The Immortal King slot, which we'll call Ivan from now on, is one of those games that impressed me so much with the opening graphics that I thought there will be absolutely no way all that effort would be wasted on a poor mechanic. I wasn't disappointed as Ivan is dark figure of Slavic myth and fantasy from Eastern Europe and is actually a trademarked theme, hence the great artwork here! We have a magical rural setting for the reels with some gentle and yet sometimes dramatic classical music to set the mysterious atmosphere as we spin. There are numerous other games that use this type of theme such as Mystic Secrets and Netent's Fairytale Legends series (Red Riding Hood and Mirror Mirror), but none have the polished appearance and graphics of Ivan here. So can Ivan make our bankroll immortal too, or will he prove to be Ivan The Terrible?

On The Reels...

As we have 20 paying lines on Ivan and the Immortal King slot there are the standard 5 reels and 3 rows present. The symbols appear stacked with the exception of the Wild and Bonus Chest scatter, with the Wild being the joint top 5-of-a-kind win at 100x bet alongside young Ivan who pays the same. The sinister-looking Immortal King Koschel pays 50, the Princess 37.5, Wolf 22.5 and Dragon 15 with 5 coloured gems at either 6.25 or 5x bet for the full line. This means some high pays are possible in the base game but in the bonus they can be as mad as a box of frogs...

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a witch who is sometimes benevolent. Don't be afraid when the grid goes dark all of a sudden, as she will appear from the left and cackle madly before emptying her box of frogs onto the grid. The frogs will land adjacently in a group of 4 somewhere and will usually help you by either revealing 4 identical symbols, possibly Wilds too or 1 to 3 bonus scatters will be placed over the 4 tiles which they covered. You often see this happen when 2 scatters have appeared in the first 4 reels somewhere and Baba Yaga adds the missing one!

Free Games

The legend goes that the evil Immortal King Koschel has hidden his life force inside a needle, within an egg, within a duck, within a hare, within a chest. Your quest is to unlock the chest and break the needle to defeat Koschel and seize his stash of gold! So 3 bonus scatters gained either in a normal spin or with baba Yaga's assistance will award 10 free games starting at Chest level, 4 will award 14 starting at Hare level and 5 awards 18 spins beginning at Duck level.

You will have noticed when free games trigger that the five objects listed above all appear on the left of the grid. Chest is a standard 1x multiplier, Hare is 2x and Duck 3x. To unlock any level during free spins and increase the multiplier you must collect 3 Progressive Scatters, as you don't get retriggers. Each time you unlock an item you get 4 extra spins though, and Egg level increases you to 5x, Needle level 10x and finally Treasure Skull to the maximum 20x. By the time the feature ends you could have had a maximum of 30 spins of which the last 4 would have been played at 20x. With multiple lines of 100x possible, at 20x you could see some wins of several thousand times stake - in theory!

Of course, Baba Yaga tends to appear more often in the bonus and will often save your bonus on the very last spin by awarding Progressive scatters which get you to the next level and the 4 extra spins.

Our View...

Ivan and the Immortal King slot has impressed me in most ways that a slot can. The animations, graphics, sounds and overall appearance are all quite superb and the theme is therefore very well executed. The random Baba Yaga events rarely award pointless irrelevance to your grid and often turn a disappointing 2 scatters into the bonus, which itself is very well thought out and exciting with a good mechanic and high potential returns. You get a pretty normal RTP for a Quickspin slot of 96.29% and the base game won't strip your balance too fast either. You may not be immortal yourself but try and spend a little of your valuable time left with Ivan here...

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