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Artemis vs Medusa slot review

artemis vs medusa slot gameArtemis vs Medusa slot by Quickspin is yes, one of those battle themes which pitches two historical adversaries against each other or sometimes not traditional adversaries. These themes usually bring some spectacular graphics and sounds to the table and this is no exception as we have seen before with Netent's Street Fighter 2 slot and there are several other including Playtech's Age of the Gods games such as Medusa and Monsters slot or equally as violent, Rulers of Olympus slot. Here we have dramatic music, a stunning background of the protagonist's silhouettes and portentous sounds to complete the atmosphere. So will our bankroll survive the battle of the Gods or be vanquished forever?

On The Reels...

We have a 5x4 grid here on Artemis vs Medusa slot with 1024-ways so no fixed pay lines. Symbols can appear stacked and singly with the 5-of-a-kind pays Artemis 25x stake, the 4 medium symbols of Minotaur, Medusa, Harpie and Gryphon from 15 down to 2.5x and finally the six low-pay Stones at 2x down to 1x for a full way of five. Wild Antlers can appear singly on reels 2-5 and our scatters on the centre 3 reels in the form of a Crossbow.

Bounty Coins

When medium-paying symbols land in the base game, you may see them display a Monster Bounty Coin over them. If the Golden Artemis symbol lands on reel 5, you get the amount shown. The awards are proportionate to the medium symbol 5OAK values which are 15, 8, 4 and 2x. This can on occasion offer up a decent total.

Unlimited Battle Free Spins

When you see those 3 Crossbow scatters in the middle, get ready for some spectacular and noisy action here! Artemis will be ready for battle with his bow on the left of the meter above the reels, the monsters on the right. You get normal wins and every one of the 4 monster symbols which land will fill a space on the 15-bars forming the meter if Artemis also appears in the same spin. Artemis also removes monsters from the meter each time he lands, from the lowest to the highest and when this happens, you get the Bounty Coins award for those struck off. If the monsters fill up all 15 bars, or Artemis kills all 4 of them off, the unlimited spins end. You can win big here, over 5,000x Quickspin tell us. Medusa, the highest value symbol, will build up cash awards, up to 5,000x bet and should you land her and Artemis together when the Medusa red bar is on 10-14 then that is when the huge pays occur!

Our View...

Artemis vs Medusa slot is quite brilliant graphics and animations-wise and exceeds even the usual Quickspin high standards. The base game seldom pays over 50x bet though and this very volatile slot really needs the feature to pay you any decent returns and they are rare even in that. Your RTP is 96.17% so around normal for most slots and you may see the odd good win from the Bounty Coins in the base game too. All I can say is that Medusa is a temptress and taking her on with your money could well mean a bankroll bloodbath...

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