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Deal or No Deal – The Banker’s Riches slot review

Deal or No Deal - Banker's Riches SlotThere are very few slots that I enjoy that are based on TV Shows, so when I first stumbled upon Deal or No Deal slot – The Banker's Riches, I knew it would need to do some impressing to keep me playing long term.  The sheer popularity of Deal or No Deal is something that you cannot get away from and I must admit I was intrigued to see what slot developer Endemol Games had come up with in this slot game.

Three Bonus Features

One thing I have to say about this slot is there is constantly something happening in it. There are no less than 3 bonus features that can all be triggered by the same scatter symbol (the black phone).

Unlimited Free Spins with The Reel Banker Bonus

The one that comes up time and time again is The Reel Banker bonus, triggered by either 3 or 4 scatters anywhere on the screen. You get unlimited free spins until the Banker symbol turns up on the middle reel and stops your winning ways. If you have won nothing up to that point then that is tough luck as the Banker can be ruthless at times.  If you don’t see him though, then you can rack up some pretty decent wins.

Earn 20x Your Stake in the Banker's Best Offer Bonus

The Banker's Best Offer Bonus is triggered less frequently and rewards you up to 20x your stake. The Banker gives you 10 chances to pick your win and it is up to you to decide which bonus you take. If you hang on until the end then you will get whatever is under the last option. It is recommended to pick before this and not to be too greedy.

Win the Progressive in the Deal or No Deal Jackpot Bonus

The last bonus on offer is the Deal or No Deal Jackpot Bonus, which is so infrequent that there is a good chance you will never see it. If you are lucky enough to get though then you will get to play the classic version of the game, as seen on the TV show and a chance to play for the Progressive Jackpot. This will depend if you have been playing maximum lines though.

Our View...

Deal or No Deal slot – The Banker's Riches is a fun slot to play, but it is more targeted at the casual gambler and I think more serious slots players may find it gets a little bit boring after a while. Unfortunately, it does not live up to the entertainment value of other television show based slots such as the legendary 100,000 Pyramid from IGT and the Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition slot from the same developer.

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