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Monster Wheels slot review

monster wheels slot gameMonster Wheels slot is clearly a design of one of MG's smaller in-house developers they now use for some games as we saw with Goldwyn's Fairies, but this may not necessarily be a bad thing as Microgaming themselves have recently acquired a reputation for rehashing their back catalogue. I can tell you now it will never threaten the popular Racing for Pinks with the same high-octane theme with the rather juvenile cars and noises it has an exceedingly tiresome bonus game. The reels lie over a raceway scorched with tyre marks and we get a nice revving noise as we spin the reels, but how many laps of the track can we fuel with our bankroll?

On the reels...

The odd thing about Monster Wheels is that it's a multiway slot and you can choose, paying 30 coins in both cases, from a 4-3-2-3-4 row format with 288 ways to win or a 2-4-2-4-2 pattern with 128 ways to win. This doesn't seem to change the volatility, merely the win frequency as the pays are similar for either choice. Symbols can appear stacked and the pays are very straightforward - all the six different cars pay 20x bet for a full way of 5, or 5-of-a-kind win as you may know it. There are six card values too paying from 5x bet down to 3.33x bet for a full way and that's it, other than to say all the six cars will also pay for 2-of-a-kind at a third of your stake.

You can get multiple ways on the same spin, but the top symbols can only appear twice on any reel unlike the card values, so realistically you can get 32 x 20 or 640x your total bet on one spin which isn't bad but I'll wager it'll be rare! There is a single non-multiplying Wild on reel 3 only so there will be no large Wild wins!

Burn-up bonus

You'll see fuel can scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5 which will award a choice of free games. Unlike Halloween and Tarzan slots these are guaranteed and you can choose the volatility by opting for 12 at 2x multiplier, 6 at 4x multiplier or if brave 3 at 8x multiplier. Now given it's possible to hit 600x in the base game this certainly makes it possible for a 4-figure times bet win to occur. The spins can be retriggered plus you'll get an extra spin for each scatter if only 1 or 2 appear. Unlike in the base game though, scatters become suspiciously rare during the bonus.

Our View...

Monster Wheels slot has only one thing going for it and that is you can theoretically win some very big returns in the free spins round. Unfortunately the set-up here seems to mean that 2 scatters appear far too often in the base game and as they appear on the small 2-row middle reel this limits the potential win on those spins. The RTP is just under 96% so no concerns there, but the frequency of tiny 2-of-a-kind wins makes it pretty intolerable to play after a while. The graphics and sounds are pretty basic and as mentioned above there are far better existing slots of this theme to play from the same provider. I wouldn't rush to be on the grid for this race again...

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