Big Money Bass slot artwork
Big Money Bass
Bigger Money Bass slot artwork
Bigger Money Bass
Ramses’ Book of Rings slot artwork
Ramses’ Book of Rings
The slot game development studio RAW iGaming burst onto the scene in March 2021, with a rollout of new slot titles in 2022. There was no time for messing around for this innovative, fast-moving company who believe ‘same same is mighty lame’. With a presence in Malta and a

development studio on the south coast of Spain in Malaga, RAW iGaming is well set for building top quality games for players.

No more sea of sameness

This slot game studio has gained significant success and recognition for developing innovative and engaging slots that have presented something different to the player. The company refers to a ‘sea of sameness’ in the slots industry, which they are determined not to get sucked into. They want to buck trends and shake things up and they are certainly giving it a good go.

Whether it’s variable betting options, adjustable paylines, or reinventing the bonus wheel (Super Slice™), RAW iGaming is prepared to try something different and move away from the comfort of producing slot game after slot game that follows the same style and feel.

Slots built by RAW iGaming have a variety of themes such as fantasy, sports, and pop culture. Some of their more successful titles include the fishing-themed Big Money Bass and the cartoon-inspired Popeye and Olive Oyl. What is surprising about this studio is just how quickly they have risen up the popularity rankings. Some of their titles will feature prominently in casino lobbies, as players seek them out.

Cornerstones of great slot design

The three pillars that RAW iGaming focuses on are; Innovation, Simplicity, and Entertainment. These would seem fairly obvious to most people who know a thing or two about slots, but you would be surprised how often it is forgotten by other slots developers and studios. By zooming in on these three areas, in particular, RAW iGaming has found players seeking their games out in online casinos.

The company attributes some of its success to its dedicated team of talented developers, designers, and mathematicians who are consistently pushing the boundaries of slot game development. Everything from the slick design of the company’s website to the regularity of its press announcements suggests this is a studio that is going from strength to strength.

In a short space of time, RAW iGaming has amassed licenses to operate in several jurisdictions, which include the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Portugal, and Sweden. They have proven that they are prepared to put in the hard yards in to get the results out. They have also shown their commitment to developing regulated and reputable online gambling products.

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