Birthday! slot artwork
Black River Gold slot artwork
Black River Gold
Blood Lust slot artwork
Blood Lust
Bloopers slot artwork
Book of Toro slot artwork
Book of Toro
Cluster Slide slot artwork
Cluster Slide
Coba Reborn slot artwork
Coba Reborn
Crusader slot artwork
Cygnus 3 slot artwork
Cygnus 3
Cygnus 4 slot artwork
Cygnus 4
Dam Beavers slot artwork
Dam Beavers
Dead Man’s Gold slot artwork
Dead Man’s Gold
Diablo Reels slot artwork
Diablo Reels
Dirty Dawgs of Nitropolis slot artwork
Dirty Dawgs of Nitropolis
Dream Diver slot artwork
Dream Diver
Dreamzone slot artwork
Ecuador Gold slot artwork
Ecuador Gold
Electric Sam slot artwork
Electric Sam
Fate of Fortune slot artwork
Fate of Fortune
Frog Blox slot artwork
Frog Blox
Gladiatoro slot artwork
Hit it Big slot artwork
Hit it Big
Hit It Hard slot artwork
Hit It Hard
Ho Ho Tower slot artwork
Ho Ho Tower
Hong Kong Tower slot artwork
Hong Kong Tower
Hula Balua slot artwork
Hula Balua
Ice Wolf slot artwork
Ice Wolf
Illogicool slot artwork
Jeff & Scully slot artwork
Jeff & Scully
Joker Gems slot artwork
Joker Gems
Katmandu Gold slot artwork
Katmandu Gold
Katmandu X slot artwork
Katmandu X
Knockout Diamonds slot artwork
Knockout Diamonds
Lake’s Five slot artwork
Lake’s Five
Micro Knights slot artwork
Micro Knights
Miss Wildfire slot artwork
Miss Wildfire
Mystic Orbs slot artwork
Mystic Orbs
Night Trax slot artwork
Night Trax
Nitropolis slot artwork
Nitropolis 2 slot artwork
Nitropolis 2
Nitropolis 3 slot artwork
Nitropolis 3
Nitropolis 4 slot artwork
Nitropolis 4
Phoenix Graveyard slot artwork
Phoenix Graveyard
Pirots 2 slot artwork
Pirots 2
Platooners slot artwork
Poltava Flames of War slot artwork
Poltava Flames of War
Pug Thugs of Nitropolis slot artwork
Pug Thugs of Nitropolis
Rabbit Royale slot artwork
Rabbit Royale
Respin Circus slot artwork
Respin Circus
Route 777 slot artwork
Route 777
Sam on The Beach slot artwork
Sam on The Beach
Stars of Orion slot artwork
Stars of Orion
Taco Brothers slot artwork
Taco Brothers
Taco Brothers Derailed slot artwork
Taco Brothers Derailed
Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot artwork
Taco Brothers Saving Christmas
Tahiti Gold slot artwork
Tahiti Gold
The Grand Galore slot artwork
The Grand Galore
Toro Shogun slot artwork
Toro Shogun
Tropicool slot artwork
Tropicool 3 slot artwork
Tropicool 3
Valhall Gold slot artwork
Valhall Gold
Valkyrie slot artwork
Vegas Diamonds slot artwork
Vegas Diamonds
Visitors slot artwork
Voodoo Gold slot artwork
Voodoo Gold
Wild Toro slot artwork
Wild Toro
Wild Toro 2 slot artwork
Wild Toro 2
Zulu Gold slot artwork
Zulu Gold
elk studios logo

The slot game developer Elk Studios is another gaming firm based out of Sweden, following in the footsteps of casino software behemoth NetEnt and the online games company Play’n Go. However, unlike these other Swedish firms, which have a wide range of slots and of other table games, Elk Studios is very much focused on a small portfolio of mobile slots. There total number of games is tiny compared to some of the established slots developers, but what they do have are highly rated by players. However, the company have only been in existence since 2012. A combination of top-quality graphics, catchy background noises and advanced maths models make Elk Studios slots very appealing. All Elk Studios slots are built in HTML5 and are available on most devices, however the company have pinned their flag to the mast of mobile. All player experiences, game buttons, settings and visuals are very much geared up for use on a handheld device.

Their small, but growing range of slots consist mainly of cartoon-themed games with interesting characters like fun and friendly troll Electric Sam or the Mexican bandits known as The Taco Brothers. An interesting feature that Elk Studios have developed is a ‘betting strategy’ setting, allowing players to change their betting pattern preferences. Other than giving a bit of variety, rather than the usually favored ‘flat betting’ strategy, I can see no other point to using this betting strategy setting. It is a bit like a casino offering you the ‘Martingale strategy’ as an alternative to your regular betting on ‘Red’. There is no proven benefit, so why would you do it? To any players reading this and wondering if there is any benefit to Elk Studios’ betting strategy, my answer is simple – No. So don’t be fooled into thinking you will be gaining any advantage, you will simply be playing into their strategy of getting you to play for longer and therefore spend more money.

Elk Studio slots are available in several very reputable casinos and are growing in popularity all the time. They are certainly worth giving a go, just to experience a well made game. Although be aware that some of their slots can be on the high side in terms of volatility.