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Sheriff Gaming slots have been removed from the Gamingslots website due to the company’s gambling license being revoked in 2013. The slots developer, well known for its 3D slot games, ran into problems that year when an investigation was conducted by dutch authorities into the business dealings of Sheriff’s parent company Bubble Group NV.

In November, several members of the senior management, including Stijn Flapper, CEO of Bubble Group NV, were arrested on suspicion of money laundering and illegal business activities. It appeared that Sheriff Gaming was unfortunately caught up in something that was from before its time, but by association was brought down.

With Alderney unable to renew its gaming license, Sheriff’s slots were pulled for all the online casinos they were previously available in. There was a brief flutter at rebranding Sheriff Gaming to Blue Gem Gaming, but it appeared that the rot had set in and it was impossible to continue in its current form.

Gamingslots has not heard any news of a potential buyer for the Sheriff Gaming portfolio of slots, but if there is one we will let you know. For now though don’t expect to see their slots at a casino anytime soon – potentially never.