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Red Tiger Gaming have only been around since 2014, but have quickly established themselves as a producer of top slots in a very competitive online gaming market. The possible reason for the company’s success is the way the business has been set up. It was founded by a group of casino industry veterans, who collectively have decades of experience in the European and Asian gaming markets. This experience allowed them to pull together an expert team of psychologists, mathematicians, graphic designers and developers to build a portfolio of fun and entertaining slots for playing in online casinos.

Due to their later entrance to the online gaming industry, Red Tiger Gaming were able to avoid an ‘unsettled period’ in the industry between 2008 – 2013, when no one really knew what format would lead the way in terms of mobile slot game development. After the tech giant Apple made it clear that HTML5 would be replacing any efforts to improve Adobe Flash, it was pretty much decided what path game development would take in the future. Companies like Reg Tiger Gaming benefited from this, allowing them to avoid costly and time consuming reboots and development changes.

The slots that Red Tiger have released are certainly not re-inventing ‘the wheel’ when it comes to theme, style and sounds. However, in terms of addictive play and innovative features, they certainly seem to be standing out from the crowd. Games such as the Asian-themed Red Phoenix Rising and the magical Lucky Wizard slot are just two slots that have been highly commended by players.

Red Tiger Gaming are licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gaming Authority, which is no coincidence because that is where the slot development company are based. Their games are available in an ever-growing list of casinos and they look set to continue expanding into new territories from the foreseeable future.

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