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Age of Akkadia slot review

age of akkadia slot gameAge of Akkadia slot by Red Tiger at least has an original historic theme. The Akkadian Empire was the first ancient empire of Mesopotamia and peaked at around 2250 BC so there ya go. We have a temple background, historical classic music with stone statues either side of the grid to set the scene here and it does look good. Red Tiger have given us Ancient Greece before with Legend of Athena slot, Ancient Egypt with Ra's Legend and a few other eras as with Sparta and the Wild Spartans slot. So can our bankroll prosper like this civilization once did or will it be conquered and vanquished?

On the grid...
There are 5 columns of 5 tiles here on Age of Akkadia slot and a cascade action but we don't see winning tiles replaced. You need 5 in a line either horizontally or vertically to be paid. The 5-of-a-kind pays are 10x Wild Scarab, 5x stake Golden Akkadia, 4x Bull, 3.5x Lion, 3x Eagle with four card suits at 2.5 down to 1x. There are no scatters and wins consisting of the four premium symbols will reveal the Scarab Wild from their positions which drops down to its lowest point as do all other tiles remaining after wins. That's the only way to see Wilds.

Underneath each grid when you play, the word 'BONUS' is either on the bottom, second or third row up. If it's fully revealed after your game, you get 10 free falls. The only difference here is that there are 1+ multiplier symbols under the grid each spin with 2-10x values. Any left revealed after any play will be added to the top of the grid, capped at 30x in total. If you reveal BONUS during the round, +5 spins are yours and any wins will naturally be multiplied by the standing mutliplier displayed. It's almost impossible to trigger the bonus from a play where it lies on the bottom row as you will need to clear the whole grid, extremely rare! It tends to trigger mainly when it reveals on the middle or third row, same with retriggers.

Our View...
Age of Akkadia slot isn't terrible at all and has a 95.67% RTP. The sounds and symbols look alright and the animations are good enough. You don't tend to win much in the base game but the feature is quite easy to trigger I found. This can be fine as you will win something but usually in the 15-100x range unless you get early high multipliers revealed. Bear in mind in billions of spins in testing, it only achieved 2048x bet so don't expect hyper wins here! No reason to play this slot, then again no reason not to...

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