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Golden Offer slot review

golden offer slot main gameGolden Offer slot's theme is not the header for a spam e-mail or the latest flyer from you local superstore but another of Red Tiger's specialty - Oriental games. It joins several other titles on the same theme, which include Golden Lotus and Lion Dance. The reels are set in a temple guarded either side by a rather bored and puggish-looking pair of Lions, perhaps due to the stereotypical mandolin and cymbal Chinese music they are forced to endure throughout your gameplay. So will this Golden Offer be one you cannot refuse?

On the reels...

The immediate oddity we see is the unusual formatting of the reels of which we have 5 as usual but in a 3-5-5-5-3 row pattern. This may appear to be a multi-way format but in fact there are 40 fixed paylines. The icons appear stacked including Wilds in the form of golden Balls on all reels offering the top pay of 20x bet for 5-of-a-kind followed by the golden Lions at 10x, the golden Ying Yang at 5x and the pearl at 2.4x bet for the 5. The card values are present too and offer 0.4 to 1.2x stake for the full 5.

As per usual with Red Tiger slots we do have a nice range of in-play random features in their normal style of the reels greying out and then Lions each side roaring into action offering you one of 4 different advantages:

Special Reels - the spin will have only stacked picture symbols and Wilds on for that spin, increasing big-win possibilities.

Wild Reels - a random number of reels containing only Wild symbols.

Swap Tiles - the lower-paying ones in view will transform to higher-paying values.

Lion's Nudge - the reels jiggle for a big win.

Golden Offer bonus

If you see 3 of the game's Golden Offer icons on reels 2, 3 and 4 you will see the background turn red and a random amount of offers available from 3 upwards. The Lions at the side will then turn gold and roar gold coins into the centre which form a win amount which counts up. You can accept it or refuse, so they do it over again, hopefully increasing your potential award. Once you use your offers you will be automatically given the last amount the Lions award. I found the first offer tends to be the best if you only start with 3, just a tip!

Our View...

Golden Offer slot is actually a quite decent game with regular and sometimes lucrative random events and an equally good RTP of 96.13%. The music is gentle, the graphics smooth and animations quite spectacular. You may be feeling some degree of disappointment at effectively a 'pick-me' bonus and no free games on offer, but these cash amounts tend to be quite high; the first amount I saw when testing was 150x bet! I will most definitely be taking those Golden Lions up on their offer again...

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