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Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets slot review

wonder woman bullets slotWonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets slot is a sequel to the utterly dreadful Wonder Woman Gold by Bally and I'm afraid I must be honest right from the outset and say that this game is equally dreadful, possibly even worse. You hear the corny twangy movie music in the background constantly and while the movie clips are OK and the iconography is reflective of the theme plus the graphics and effects are fine, all this is moot due to the terrible pay tables and game mechanic. So will Linda Carter be wonder or blunder for your bankroll?

On the reels...

You have 40 lines over 5 reels of 4 rows each and must pay 50 coins to play. When you see the 5-of-a-kind pays perhaps like myself you will also wonder where the value or potential is in this slot! The icons are single and the Wild is the best icon at, wait for it, 100 coins (2x bet) for a full 5! Linda's face awards a huge 70 coins with four other body poses of herself paying 50 coins and four card values all paying 20 coins. You do get on random spins a stacked mystery symbols which transforms into any other icon after landing including the Wild though. So your pathetic line pays above could be multiplied.

U-Spin wheel

The little fun this slot provides arrives via the bonus wheel, triggered by 3 scatters on reels 2, 3 and 4. Unsurprisingly the bane of most slot players occurs here too; yes, you aren't guaranteed any free spins or feature because after waiting for the scatters you could well be fobbed-off with a ridiculous cash 'prize' of 2-10x bet.

If you aren't insulted by the cash awards you could land on one of the 3 jackpots - like other SG/WMS games such as Wishing You Fortune these are fixed and pay 20x for the Minor, 100x for the Major or 4000x for the Mega. If you are lucky enough to avoid the above dross (forget the Mega jackpot) you may land one of two free spins bonuses:

Knock Out Wilds - 8 spins in which any Wild appearing remains sticky. For the first 2 spins only the standard grid is active. On spins 3 and 4 the 5th. row opens up, on spin 5 the 6th. row opens up, spin 6 the 7th. row opens and finally on spins 7 and 8 you are playing all 8 rows and 100 lines. Wilds can appear and stick on rows that haven't yet opened up on any spin previous to them opening up. The hopelessly low pays are only half as hopeless in both the free spins bonuses as wins are doubled.

Transforming Wilds - 8 spins in which a Wild may randomly replace a position on the reels and will be sticky for the remaining spins. From spins 3 to 5 this can occur on 1 or 2 positions per random Wild. On the final spins 6 to 8 it could cover 1 to 3 positions. During spins 4 to 8 though, the Wilds on any single reel may move to an adjacent one to temporarily form a group of connected Wilds before returning to their original positions for the next free game. Pays again are at 2x in this bonus. Neither free games bonus can retrigger, removing even more joy from the slot if that were possible.

Our View...

Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets is a DC Comics theme and the only thing it has going for it is the fact the graphics and film clips and effects are decent, otherwise it's a complete waste of bandwidth. The base game volatility on this 95.51% RTP game is pointlessly low and you'd need the powers of Wonderwoman, Spiderman, Batman and Superman combined to squeeze a decent win from any feature. I simply cannot believe any experienced slot player would read the rules and pay tables then put a solitary cent through this game - if I were a slot designer at a company and wanted to be made redundant I'd create this game then confidently wait for the letter to arrive. Wonderwoman? I'd wonder at my mental state if I went near this game again...

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