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Def Leppard Hysteria slot review

def leppard hysteria slot gameDef Leppard Hysteria slot by Play'n Go is one of their metal or rock themed games of which they've made several. Saxon slot, my personal favourite the Helloween slot and Demon slot to name just three. Here we have the famous Sheffield rockers Def Leppard who were big, especially in the USA. You get a concert backdrop, tracks randomly played from the massive album Hysteria and the musical bits and pieces on the grid. So can we pour some sugar on our bankroll here or will it prove to be an animal to play?

On the grid...
You have 5 columns of 7 symbols here with adjacent cluster pays for 5+ symbols on Def Leppard Hysteria slot. The pays for the best clusters of 15+ and lowest of 5+ are: Skull 1000/2x bet, Leopard 500/1.5x, Guitar 200/1x, Rocket 80/0.5x Star 30/0.2x with four card suits of 20/0.1x. Wilds can land anywhere and winning tiles are replaced from above in tumbles. You have a random Break It Up modifier on non-winning spins where symbols shuffle and 3-6 Wilds are added. You also have a Charge Meter on the right which awards Fire Me Up when you fill it with the randomly selected symbol each spin by getting winning clusters of it. It does the same as the previous one, 3-6 Wilds but no shuffle.

Pour Some Sugar On Me
This is what counts for the bonus round here on Def Leppard Hysteria slot. Each play, the letters S-U-G-A-R are randomly placed across the 5 columns. You light them up below the columns each time one is under a winning cluster. Reveal all five and you get the single-spin feature. You will have 1 spin with 4-7 dropping multiplier Wilds added to the grid. These increase by 1x for each of the 7 rows they drop down. So if one lands at the top and makes its way to the bottom row before being used, it would result in 7x but they all start at just 1x whatever row they begin on. They add together if 2 or more are in the same cluster. It's simply one opportunity to get a big cluster with multipliers in order to hit the elusive 10000x win cap.

Our View...
Def Leppard Hysteria slot gives you an RTP of 84.20-96.21% depending on which casino you're at. It cannot be faulted for the music and sounds effects although the voice interjections sound a bit naff, more like bad actor from EastEnders. Base game action via the modifiers is aplenty and the soundtrack keeps you going by changing frequently. The free spin (singular!) is quite frustrating to land but it usually worth it and it's the only way you'll get a smash hit or platinum here. I doubt there will be much hysteria about this game, more likely Armageddon It for your cash...

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