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Energoonz slot review

Energoonz SlotIf you loved the animation and hilarious characters in NetEnt’s Space Wars slot then I think we may just well have found a slot you are going to fall in love with.

5x5 Grid

Energoonz is a 5x5 grid slot from slot developer Play'n Go that is one of the most innovative slot releases to date. It combines the tension and thrill of online slots gaming with the action and enjoyment of video games. There really is a sense that this slot game caters for both the hardcore online slots players and those players that just fancy the odd recreational spin on a Friday night when a night out with the lads or girls is not an option.

The Reels...

The reels are packed with some real (or should that be reel?) characters that come in the form of aliens. There’s the sinister black alien, the three-eyed green alien and the friendly-looking orange alien. There are also symbols represented by particles, lightning bolts and flames of fire.

Cascading Reels!

This slot takes the slots rulebook, rips it up and throws it off the cliff. The only thing remotely slots-like about it is the fact that you have reels, you hit winning combinations and there is a feature that is very similar to Cascading Reels.

Winning Combinations Everywhere!

Energoonz functions with you pressing the spin button or the “Start” button as it is called in this slot. The symbols then drop down into their places across the reels with each press of this button. The fascinating aspect of this slot is the variety of ways in how you can hit winning combinations. You only need three or more of the same symbol in a row to complete a winning combination and win coins. By in a row I mean that this can be vertically and horizontally. This is in addition to hitting a winning combination along an active pay-line.

Increase Your Multiplier

If that wasn’t enough, there is a multiplier table to the left of the reels. Every time you hit a winning combination the multiplier value increases by one. This means that the more often you win, the higher the multiplier value is and the more coins you will be able to win. It should be noted that the multiplier will resort to zero if you do not hit a winning combination on a spin but it is possible to hit multiple winning combinations on a single spin.

Reveal the Bonus... Literally!

There is also a bonus feature in this slot. It is triggered in a very unconventional way. Behind each reel’s symbols, the word BONUS is printed. Every time a symbol disappears you will get a brief glimpse of one of the letters of the word BONUS. To trigger this bonus, you must hit a winning combination that eliminates all five spaces on a single reel to reveal the word BONUS. It is possible to earn up to 20 free spins when this is triggered and you must hit five or more matching symbols anywhere on the reels to trigger a winning combination. If you hit five or more energy coil symbols across the reels then you will re-trigger the free spins.

Our View...

Energoonz is a slot that I’ve been looking forward to playing and I was not disappointed when I finally got my grubby paws on it. The euphoric trance backing music can get a bit annoying and hypnotic but you can always turn it off and replace it with some hardcore Simon and Garfunkel (or whatever music suits your taste!). This is a game that is sure to be a hit for Play’n Go in my opinion. If you thought the Viking-themed Dragon Ship blew your socks off, then wait until you get spinning on this bad boy.

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