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Land of Zenith slot review

land of zenith slot gameLand of Zenith slot by Push Gaming carries the mantra of being from a very imaginative and accomplished developer as we have seen previously. Push Gaming have brought us many colourful and visually exciting games with good mechanics before. Just appreciate the hugely popular Razor Shark slot as a prime example, or the brilliant graphics of The Shadow Order slot and those of my choice, the crazy 4-reeler Joker Troupe slot. Here we get a fantasy theme with ornate bronze sculpturing around the grid, soothing music and metallic astrological symbols dominating the reels. So can this game prove to be the zenith for our bankroll or will it turn out not to be the land of plenty?

On the reels...

We open Land of Zenith slot to see 6 reels of 4 rows apiece with symbols stacked. We'll begin with the 6-of-a-kind pays we can land over the 30 lines here. These are Wild Crest or Yellow Boss at 200x stake, Red Character 100x, Pink Lady 90x, Green Character 75x, Metal Owl 35x, Butterfly 30x, Codex 25x and the low pays are the 4 Astrological shapes at either 10 or 7.5x for a full line of 6. The Codex and Bronze disc work here should tell you that a puzzle needs cracking in order to unleash the bonuses here and to that end you'll also see some 'Turner' symbols land on the even reels but that's all part of the features which we will discover now!

Disc Mechanism

The Disc in view when you play consists of 3 independently moving sections which need to be lined up so the grooves match and features are unlocked. On any spin, you need to line up at least one groove on all 3 discs to get a Bouncing Mystery feature. At the start of any spin, the Disc can randomly turn from Bronze to Gold and if you get an alignment when it's Gold, you get the Hypermode Free Spins instead. The Turner symbols appearing on reels 2, 4 and 6 will offer either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction on the inner, middle and outer Discs respectively.
Bouncing Mystery Feature - you get a respin in which an Orb shoots from the centre of the reels in a random direction. When it hits the edge it creates a Mystery symbol and then will either disappear or rebound, splitting into 2 Orbs when it does. If two Orbs collide, you get a a cross shape of 5 Mystery symbols centred nearest to where the collision occurred. When there's no more Orbs, the Mystery symbols all reveal the same random tile.
Hypermode Free Spins - these are on a timer of 20 seconds and you get as many as this time allows! Every Wild landing increase the spin speed to enable more spins within the time and will increase the retrigger meter. If you fill this, you get 10 more seconds. There's no limit to the amount of retriggers you can get and each of the first 4 retriggers will also remove one of the 4 low-pay Astrological shapes from the reels. The game has no maximum pay quoted but is very volatile and has huge potential.

Our View...

Once again with Land of Zenith slot Push Gaming have come up with a creative and original mechanic on top of one of my favourite themes, the arcane and code-breaking. There is a good 96.29% RTP to begin with but quite a low win frequency in the base game which is explained by the big pays available for some 6OAK wins. The features are both good although the lower Mystery one is over quite quickly but can pay well. It's the Hypermode where the big pay potential lies and this can be hard to land, but you'll enjoy the spectacle and hopefully some substantial returns from it. This slot could well turn out to be the land of milk and honey if you catch it right...

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