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Morocco SlotI do love slots developers who just call their games by one word. Imagine a Friday afternoon in the Bally Technologies Las Vegas offices. It's late, everyone's tired, and the slots designers are just about to put another game to bed. There's just one problem - the name.

"OK, we've got this 5 reel, 243 ways to win slot, with some healthy betting starting from $0.25. In feel, it's like our other Bally slots, like the Egyptian-themed Pharaoh's Dream, or another exotic slot from us, Mayan Treasures."

"Yep, good. What about the graphics?"

The Reels...

"Well, it's set in Morocco, so we've got some authentic Moroccan slippers, buxom belly dancers, baskets of jewels, necklaces, plus the usual 9-through-Ace poker symbols. You know the score."

Simply Morocco

"Yep - gotcha. I like it. So we're transported to a romantic Moroccan bazaar, with all the trappings. What are you thinking for a name? Bizarre Bazaar? A Taste of Morocco? Marrakech Express?"

"Erm, no. We've gone with Morocco."


"Er, Morocco. That's it."

[The sound of a palm hitting a face full-on.]

Get Wild with the Belly Dancer

"OK, what about Wilds? Save me with the Wilds, please."

"They're pretty good. The belly dancer is the Wild, and she gives out various multipliers on different reels: 2x on reel 3, 3x on reel 4, and 6x if she appears on both reels 3 and 4! She also expands so we get her beauty in full glory across the reels!"

"OK, now you've got my attention."

Win up to 25 Free Spins in the Oasis Palace Bonus

"Three or more Oasis Palace Bonus symbols triggers the Free Games feature. We load up a different set of reels for players to play the bonus on, and they can win additional free games during the bonus round. It's pretty generous too. Getting five bonus symbols across the reels wins the player 25 free games with a 250x multiplier!"

"OK, you've redeemed yourself. So, any other ideas for slots?"

"Well, we do have this one idea. It's a slot based on the Harry Potter books."

"I like it! What's it called?"


"Have a good weekend, guys."

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