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1 Can, 2 Can slot review

1 Can, 2 Can SlotBefore I even get started with reviewing this slot title from NextGen Gaming, allow me to make the blatant observation about what a bizarre name this is for an online slot game. 1 Can, 2 Can is not only an obscene attempt at a play on words given the fact that the theme of this slot is toucans but it also fails to catch the tongue.

Anyway, nonetheless, this is a slot released by NextGen Gaming and thus I will see past the horrific name and make my judgement on how impressive this slot is on the game play and not the title.

On the Reels...

This 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot might not be the first of its kind but it certainly catches the eye with its color and vibrancy from the very start. Yes, you read that right. Toucans have popped their heads up in online slots before. You need to look no further than slot developer Cryptologic’s very own Congo Bongo slot to see that toucans can be highly influential in slots.

The Symbols

On this slot, it is immediately clear to see that the toucans possess a certain amount of power. They are positioned to the left and the right of the reels and can add Wilds and Scatters across the reels to ensure that players earn as many big wins as possible. The slot even claims that the “toucans are hungry for wins”! The symbols on the slot maintain a tropical theme with toucan feathers, sloths and exotic flowers decorating the reels with the regular 9 through to Ace symbols covered in tropical fruit.

Toucan Play That Game

The Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols, except for the Scatters, and the toucans to the left and the right of the reels have the potential to add up to three Wilds to the reels at random intervals.

Trigger at Least 10 Free Spins with a 50x Multiplier

There are Scatters that appear across the reels and if you manage to hit three or more of these on a spin then you will trigger the free spins bonus round. 10 free spins are awarded when this free spins bonus round are triggered and it is possible to earn up to a 50x multiplier on wins depending on the number of Scatters that were used to trigger the bonus feature. It is also worth remember that the two toucans (twocans?!) positioned on either side of the reels can also add Scatters as well as Wilds. The free spins bonus round can also be re-triggered if you hit three or more Scatters across the reels during the free spins.

Our View...

1 Can, 2 Can is not the most inventive slot I’ve ever played but it is harmless fun with a bit of room for carnage and chaos at the hands of two not-so-troublesome toucans. It might not be a slot that is to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it for what it was, even if I still hate the name of it. So many toucan puns have been going through my head since I started playing this! Damn you NextGen!

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