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Gemix slot review

Gemix SlotSlots are becoming more and more varied these days with developers thinking outside the box and looking for more ways to break new boundaries. Online and mobile slots developer Play'n Go are no exception, their latest release - Gemix, really pushes the envelope in terms of innovation.

A few weeks back I reviewed Microgaming's Max Damage and the Alien Attack slot which broke all convention by mixing arcade game play with slot gaming. Granted, it was not to everyone's taste but it was good to see Microgaming daring to be different. Play'n Go are also willing to try something different and Gemix resembles something akin to Tetris or Bejeweled rather than a slot game. But does this new type of video slot measure up or is it set to join dinosaurs and dodo's in the extinction category in the next few years... I suppose there is only one way to find out.

7x7 Grid

Once launched, you are presented with a 7x7 grid of symbols. Or, if you prefer slots speak, this is a 7 reel slot with a load of symbols on it. The symbols take on a Candy Crush Saga colour scheme except these symbols are in the form of gems instead of fruit. There are green pentagons, orange flowers, pink crescents, purple squares, blue rectangles, turquoise triangles, yellow stars, and red hearts. You can win cash prizes for every set of five regular symbols you align next to each other to make a winning combination.

Explore Three New Worlds

There are three different worlds on this slot. Worlds? I know what you're thinking... is this Super Mario Bros in slots form? No, but it is certainly entering the realms of classic video games. To progress through each world there are six unique combinations that are given for you to trigger. You must trigger three out of the six to progress to the next world.

A Different Wild for Each World

There is also a Wild symbol that pops up on the reels and these Wilds have a different power depending on which world you are playing in. These three Wilds consist of a lantern, a lollipop, and a spell book and these will double your winnings when they appear. When combined with eight other regular symbols you can either trigger Falling Wilds or Spreading Wilds to help you complete winning combinations.

Super Charge for Bigger Prizes

It is also possible to trigger a number of additional bonus features. The Crystal Charge feature appears on the reels if you manage to clear 20 symbols as part of a winning combination. It is possible to earn a Super Charge feature if you are fortunate enough to clear 40 symbols at once with all wins subjected to a 3x multiplier in that instance.

Our View...

Gemix is an intriguing slot. It has the look of Candy Crush Saga with the gameplay of Bejeweled but it does feel like it has slightly more depth with the different world, Wilds, and Super Charge features. I'm not the biggest fan of these Tetris-style slots but I can see the appeal and out of all of them so far, this is the one that has caught my imagination the most.

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