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Hammerfall slot review

hammerfall slot gameHammerfall slot by Play'n Go is themed on the Swedish Heavy Metal band of the same name. We've seen this many a time before from Play'n Go with some good metal games including Saxon slot, Sabaton Slot, Demon slot and my favourite Helloween slot. The difference here is that it's a grid-based one for a change! Alas there is no images of the band but instead a fantasy medieval castle landscape behind the grid and drawn symbols but we do get tracks from the band which change with the features. So can we avoid the hammer falling on our bankroll here or will it be well and truly crushed?

On the grid...

There are 49 cascading tiles on a 7x7 grid here on Hammerfall slot. The pays are for clusters of 5+ adjacent symbols with the top pays for 15+ in a cluster. the pays for highest/lowest are 500/2.5x bet Thor, 125/1.25x Sun Shield, 50/0.75x Hammers, 40/0.5x Moon Shield and the low pays for five coloured Gems are 25/0.4x for the Red down to 5/0.1x for the Green. There are no Wilds or scatters normally but each spin you will see 3-9 positions highlighted blue. Any winning tiles in those places will turn into Lightning Wilds which can also offer a 2 or 3x multiplier and these multiply each other.

Destruction Modifiers

On any losing spin you may see one of these activated at the start:
Never Forgive, Never Forget - one symbol is selected and all symbols of that type move to the centre position on the grid, destroying tiles in their path.
Bring It! - all high-pay tiles are selected, some destroyed and some transformed into matching high-pay tiles.
One Against The World - all instances of a random symbol are highlighted and tiles adjacent to them will either be destroyed or transformed to the same symbol.
Chain of Command - a chain of symbols is selected on the grid, some destroyed and some transformed to matching symbols.

Hammer Charge

You need to get 25+ winning symbols removed in any play to fill the Hammer Meter on the left. Once you do it will trigger the Song modifier for whatever world you are in (the worlds change every time the feature is triggered.)
Twilight Princess - a 2x2 colossal Wild is added to the grid.
Second to None - all high-paying tiles are transformed to a matching one.
And Yet I smile - all low-paying tiles are destroyed.
Hammer High - if you charge the meter with 50+ symbols in one play, then you get all the 3 above Song modifiers in succession for a free round.
We are told that unlike the 5,000x maximum pay on grid games like Moon Princess and Reactoonz slot, there is 30,000x bet potential here!

Our View...

I like most metal music but I have to say the endless guitar screeches after ever win got very annoying on Hammerfall slot, totally interrupting the music. There are a lot of dead spins to although decent-sized wins are possible without modifiers via the multiplier Wilds. Considering only 50 tiles are needed for the main event here it is extremely hard to achieve and the many near-misses you get at say 48 on the meter are frustrating. It's essentially a simple 'lottery' slot - you trigger the 'right' Hammer High feature then the 3 successive modifiers can pay massive wins. But normally won't. I think my hammer has fallen on this slot regarding any future visits...

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