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Established in 2005, Cozy Games has been steadily building a strong portfolio of gaming products that include; bingo, rummy, instant win, casino and slots. Over the years they have also formed strategic partnerships with a variety of partners that include Openbet, IGT and FreeMantleMedia.

Based in the Isle of Man, Cozy Games have focused a lot of their energies in recent years on mobile and social games. They pride themselves on innovation and have partnerships with developers in India, where many of their games are created. Their products can be found over a number of different platforms that include mobile, Facebook and in downloadable apps.

A supply deal with FremantleMedia Enterprises saw Cozy Games develop several popular game show titles into slot games. Some of these were titles such as Family Fortunes, Play Your Cards Right, The Price Is Right and The X Factor: Steps To Stardom. All developed to be available across multi-platform from desktop to mobile.

Cozy Games’ own-developed slots, especially for mobile, don’t always measure up as well to ones that they haved created through their various partnerships. However, they are popular with certain players, especially those that play a lot of bingo and scratchcard games. In fact, while I was researching this article I found many references to Cozy Games on a variety of bingo sites, such is the popularity of their bingo products.

Although Cozy Games typically do business as a supplier, they do have some of their own bingo and casino sites that they operate. I won’t mention any, but you may find yourself playing at one at some point in the future.

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